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Born in January 7, 1958, in Jimma, Kaffa* province (a region in Southwest Ethiopia where coffee for the first time was discovered) in a middle class family. I grew up and attended my preschool, elementary and secondary schools in Jimma until I left for a university education to Addis Ababa in 1976. I attended a one-year education at the Faculty of Life Science at the Addis Ababa University, AAU (http://www.aau.edu.et) and in mid 1977 I was granted a scholarship abroad. I studied Veterinary Medicine at a leading and oldest (150 years old) higher educational institution of Ukraine, the State Veterinary Academy of Kharkov, Ukraine (http://www.zoovet.kharkov.ua/eng/index.htm) and in July 1983 graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with MVSc. I came to Sweden In late 1984 and in mid 1985 joined one of the oldest and a leading university in Sweden, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU (http://www.slu.se) to continue a PhD program within infection-associated Microbiology. The major objective of the research program was identifying novel molecules/proteins and mechanisms associated with bacterial infections for developing possible terapeutical drugs or prophelactic vaccines. Following a successful research, discovered a novel bacterial cell surface protein/carbohydrate and in mid 1991 I defended my thesis and awarded a PhD (VMD) in Microbiology specializing in bacteriology & bacterial infections. Continuing my postgraduate research within Microbiology both at the University and pharmaceutical industry, in 1996 I became Associate Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Uppsala and since then I have been conducting periodic lecturing of Microbiology to both medical and veterinary students.

Since 1993, I have been an employee of an international pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (http://www.astrazeneca.com) functioning as a drug discovery scientist in the global Drug Discovery division within the research and development (R & D).


Other than my preclinical research career, for the last twelve years I have been contributing to the in Urban Community Health Development especially in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and Malaria pandemics in Africa (in particular in Ethiopia) on individual basis as well as through membership in professional associations (such as http://aehhps.tripod.com). I have consultancy experience in particular in developing programs on prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa (Ethiopia). 


My other interest is promoting primary and secondary schools in Africa on individual basis as well as through membership in associations so that they provide decent education. In 1992 I established a hign school alumni association (http://miaziaalumni.tripod.com) that provided significant support to a high school in Ethiopia.


I'm a father of a wonderful girl, Aida (http://aida-wubshet.tripod.com) and reside with my family in Stockholm, Sweden.



*Kaffa “The homeland of coffee”- The indigenous coffee trees (the only native coffee trees in the world) first grew in ancient "Abyssinia", present-day Ethiopia and these trees were first discovered blossoming in "Kaffa" region.  

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